Wall Candle Holders: How to Decorate your Home & Event

best wall candle holders

Wall Candle Holders also known as candle sconces have been around for centuries. While they were used as the primary light source during colonial and medieval times, wall sconces candle holders have now evolved into decorative accents that add a gorgeous visual kick to the interior design.

There is no doubt that fancy wall candle holders are stylish decorative accessories that can be effortlessly mounted on both indoor and outdoor walls to elegantly illume those otherwise dull and dreary spots.

Best Wall Candle Holders Guide

Best Wall Candle Holders

Whether you want to set a festive or romantic mood or you’re looking for a stylish lighting element for dinner parties and events, candle sconces are the ideal accents to accentuate your decor up a notch. Exuding a mesmeric and whimsical glow to your space, modern wall candle holders can set the mood for any special occasion and enhance the ambiance tenfold.

Wall Candle Holders
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There are many benefits of using wall candleholders that cannot be ignored. Here we have gathered some key points and features of wall hanging candle holders to help you understand the significant role they play in accentuating the decor. Just keep on reading and enlighten yourself!

Why Choose Wall Mounted Candle Light Holders?

When it comes to interior decor, wall decoration plays a crucial role in pulling all the different decor elements together.

Choose Wall Mounted Candle Light Holders

And since candles never go out of style, it doesn’t get any better than candlelit wall decorations that impart a soft and glowing radiance imbuing a mesmeric appeal that complements any and all decor styles.

A Decor Statement

Candles seem attractive even when placed in a typical arrangement or with a pair of simple candle holders. But if you’re looking to truly make a decor statement, using decorative wall sconces candle holders in different ways and designs is a stylish way to add gorgeous warm illumination to your space while also complementing your décor style and color scheme.

safe candle decoration

Furthermore, fancy wall candle holders can also be used as a standalone piece of art providing unique lighting for its self that is bound to make an impressive statement.

Safe and Secure Candle Decoration

Undeniably, nothing can hold a candle to open flames when it comes to creating a soothing and cozy ambiance or oozing a romantic glow onto the dinner table, but placing lit candles on the table, floor, or any other place with easy access poses a risk of causing a fire. Even a slight push can tip the candle over on the table. This is where wall mounted candle holders come in handy! Housing your candles in wall hanging candle holders not only keep you safe from any such mishaps but they are also an unobtrusive addition to your decor when positioned on the walls giving you all the benefits of using candlelight while eliminating the fire hazard. For instance, large wall candle holders safely keep the candles out of pet’s and children’s reach making them a safer alternative for decorating with candles in a busy home.

Light up your next event!

Maximizes Space

If you’re looking to make the most of your small space, wall candle holders are just the perfect accessories for you. Because they are mounted on the walls, candle sconces are the least intrusive decor accents that do not occupy any floor space that helps maximize your space. Moreover, when positioned properly, wall mounted candle holders can even create an illusion of a larger room. Likewise, candles and table candle holders tend to take up a good amount of space on the shelves and end tables leaving little to no space for other accessories. Hanging wall candle holders provides the needed illumination without compromising the valuable floor or table space.

contemporary wall candle holder designs

Layered Lighting Design

Since a well planned lighting design is crucial to bring out the beauty of any interior design, large wall candle holders can add a fantastic layer of soft lighting to your ambiance. Whether you decide to install them indoors or outdoors, modern wall candle holders are the most versatile light source that can be used to create accent, ambient, as well as task lighting. Small candle wall holders can be used in almost any room or part of the house, from exterior walls, porch, deck, and patio to ooze soft illumination post sunset to the entryway, living room, and bathroom creating a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Whereas, large wall candle holders with multiple candles add warmth and provide ambient lighting for a bigger area.

Injects Personality into the Interior Design

Available in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, and sizes, wall sconces not only add character and a hint of drama into the interior design but also help achieve a cohesive and harmonized appeal. Modern wall candle holders create a sense of coziness and structure to the room, especially when positioned in a symmetrical design.

candle decoration interior design

Moreover, while metal wall candle holders and wrought iron wall candle holders evoke a medieval vibe, the glass wall candle holders impart a chic and modish appeal.

decor features

Highlights Decor Features

As with any kind of wall lighting, wall candle light holders cast a soft radiance onto the surrounding artwork as well as the architectural elements such as doorways and alcoves to boost the visual impact.

Although some fancy wall candleholders are attractive enough to act as art themselves, the flickering candle light can accentuate the look of any decor feature dramatically.

How To Choose Wall Hanging Candle Holders

As exciting as choosing unique wall candle holders for your wall space might sound, picking one from the plethora of designs, shapes, and sizes can be a challenging feat. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when choosing wall candle scones for your space to emanate a graceful and elegant flair. We’ve listed a few to help you pick the one that suits your needs with ease!

Lighting Design

Consider the Purpose

First and foremost, it is essential to keep your purpose of using wall mounted candle holders in mind. Whether you want to add an intricate decorative touch to your space or you simply want to brighten it up, choose a candle sconce that helps you achieve your desired look. For instance, candles can splash contrasting colors on the walls if you pay attention to the color scheme of the scones you choose. Whereas, some wall candle holders can even transform candle light and create dazzling light effects imbuing a whimsical feel to your space.

circuit metal wall candle holder

Consider the Interior Design

Since candle sconces have been around for quite some time now, it is no wonder that wall candle holders come in various designs and styles which makes choosing wall sconces that match up with your home décor style an art itself. Some of the popular designs include gothic iron patterns, geometric and religious designs including crosses, themed sconces that can be used as part of holiday décor, family tree candle holders, antique wall candle holders, and rustic wall candle holders. Thus, it is important to find the perfect wall candle holder that seamlessly blends in with the other elements of the interior design or helps set the right tone for the event.

Candle sconces are the ideal accents to accentuate your decor up a notch.

decorative wall mounted candle holders

Visualize Your Wall Space

When considering buying wall candle holders, it is also important to spot the area that you intend to illuminate. Whether you want to mount the wall candle holders in your hallway, entry way, living room or porch, visualize the space available and go from there. Where single and simple wall candle holders work well in recessed spaces and on narrow walls, gaudy and over the top designs will only make your space stuffier. However, if you’ve got a large empty wall space, you can use multiple small wall candle holders for an elaborate look or use big wall candleholders to create a luxurious focal point.

Wall Mounted Candle Holder Types

Let us take a look at the type of wall candle holders that are available in the market. We will also show you how you can use these holders to decorate your event or space.

Wall Mounted Candle Holder Types

  • Round Wall Candle Holders: Round shaped candle holder is a perfect option if you are constrained for space as round-shaped holders occupy less space than rectangular and square-shaped holders. Moreover, round-shaped holders would blend perfectly with small rooms or houses.
  • Decorative Wall Candle Holders: If you want to showcase your artistic and aesthetic sense, you can opt for wall candle holders with elaborate designs such as tree-shaped candle holders, flower-shaped candle holders, or a candle holder in the shape of any other living or non-living thing.
  • Trendy Wall Candle Holders: Candle holders made out of gold, brass, and silver are in vogue. You can choose them to impart a modern chic look to your space.
  • Taper Candle Holders: Beautifully carved out of iron, these wall candle holders hold taper candles in style. Iron taper candle holders in jet black shade are very popular.
  • Chandelier Candle Stands: Chandelier candle holders are a great way to transform any plain-looking ceiling into festival-ready ceiling. They can hold a large number of candles at once and illuminate a large area.
  • Lamp Candle Holders: If you are looking for something traditional yet modern, then go for the lamp candle holder. These holders have revived vintage fashion with a modern spin. The lamp candle holders carry an old-world charm, yet they are contemporary in style.

Pick An Appropriate Size and Shape

sizes wall mount multi candle holders

Wall candle holders vary in sizes, shapes, and the number of candles they can hold. Using candle holders with multiple candles works fine as an independent piece of artwork if you do not have other décor items to display on the wall.

However, large wall candle holders are more expensive and you may need to consider wall space for their intricate style to fit ideally. In case, you’re looking for wall candle holders to highlight decor features or artwork, opting for small wall candle holders is the best choice as they can be organized around a painting in order to replicate the look of more elaborate pieces.

clear votives
metal holder
wood votive
glass decorative
futuristic 1

Moreover, while contemporary wall sconces provide the perfect lighting for small spaces such as stairways and hallways without taking up floor space, modern wall candle holders with glass hurricane shades emanate a widespread and diffused soft radiance that helps draw more attention to specific areas of the room. The intricate detailing of sconces enhances the aesthetic value of your interior décor provided you keep it simple and elegant. Thus, picking the right size and shape can be the linchpin of decorating with wall candle holders.

pair iron wall candle holder

Keep Your Budget in Mind

The price ranges for wall tea light candle holders vary according to their intricacy, designs, and material, hence, it is important to consider and allocate a budget when considering investing in candle sconces. A variety of candle decorations can fit into your budget and bring attention to details if you take care of the placement and spacing. Wall candle holders with a metallic finishing or large candle sconces with ornate detailing can fetch a substantial amount as they can also be used as standalone art pieces. However, wooden wall candle holders are relatively cheap but will impart a gorgeous rustic appeal.

Benefits of Wall Candle Holders

There are numerous advantages of using wall candle holders. Listed here are some of the benefits of wall candle holders:

  • No electrician needed to install them: Unlike hardwired light fitting, which needs plug-in options at the right places, wall candle holders can be mounted anywhere on the wall.
  • They are safe to use. Even if you forget to blow off the candles, there are no worries.
  • Wall candle holders have a wide application and can be easily fitted anywhere in bathroom, dining room, living room, balcony, and veranda.
  • They do not obstruct your line of sight.
  • No threat of wax dripping or accidental fire due to blowing winds.

You can choose any of the above wall candle holders to create a customized wall display that is all your own.

wall sconce

Design, Material, and Usage

The basics of choosing the perfect wall sconce candle holders include finding the right material for your intended purpose. Durable glass wall candle holders and hurricane wall candle holders are resistant to heat, come in many appealing styles and designs, and offer a colorful glow. Whereas, metal wall candle holders are sturdy as compared to other materials and create dramatic light effects.

the perfect lighting for small spaces…

Moreover, it is also important to keep the usage in mind, whether you intend to use the candles daily or occasionally. This will help narrow down the choice between different holder materials.

metal votive
diy wooden
hanging votive
wall sconces
round retro votive
round iron
stone votive


The candle holders you buy should blend well with your interior design and other decor elements. Clear wall candle holders are a top choice as they coordinate well with any style or decor.

wall color decor

However, if you’re looking to make a striking statement, choosing gold wall candle holders will add a shimmering tint and decorative flair to your space.

Variety of Colors

  • Gold: Create the perfect ambiance with golden wall candle holders for home, weddings, events, and celebrations.
  • Silver: Silver wall candle holders are similar to gold but they do not have the bright luster of gold. They have a dull, soft shine making them appear classy and elegant.
  • Glass: Perfect for keeping a bright and long-lasting flame. The glass wall candle holder will make any event brighter and more memorable.
  • Red: Choose from 3 different reds – Dusty Rose, Red or True Red – to perfectly suit your home decor.
  • Purple: Novelty gifts for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.
  • Black: The perfect companion for any dinner party or special meal.
  • White: Light up your white wall candle holders for a naturalistic effect.
gold glass
clear glass
red glass
silver round
blue round
black vase
multi colored
purple votive

A Beautiful Finishing Touch for Special Events

diy plants decor

Black wall candle sconces help you decorate your event to make it look beautiful and luxurious. A candle holds special meaning for many, evoking images of romance, elegance and warmth. These candle holders let you mount a burning candle on the wall creating an elegant focal point in any place.


These wall candle holders are the perfect way to add a luxurious touch to your home and make a statement for your wedding.

wedding candles decor light backdrop candles
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They make it easy to create a warm and inviting ambiance in any setting.

Home Interior

Wall candle holders are not only decorative but functional as well, as they hold candles and also serve as containers for flowers or other small accessories.

Revamp home decor Wall Candle Holders

They can be freely adjusted and placed in any room of the house as desired to match the theme of the room.


halloween decoration

Simply install the holder on the wall, add a candle and place some small spooky looking items like skulls, bones, and other Halloween decor accessories around it to give your home that Halloween feel.


Candle Holders for walls make a great addition to your sanctuary.

candle holders for walls church

Decoration Tips & Tricks

The placement of wall mounted candle holders is just as important as the type and design you choose to stylishly augment its beauty. Well placed candlelight adds a serene aura while accessorizing your wall space with exquisite and decorative wall candle holders adds a bit of drama and flair to capture everyone’s attention. Here, we have some inspirational tips and tricks to elegantly decorate your space with fancy wall candle holders for a desirable sophisticated ambiance.

wall decoration ideas

Simply learn these interesting tips and tricks to incorporate versatile wall candle holders into your home décor and interior design to accomplish perfection.

Make an Impressive Focal Point

rustic holder The main objective of using wall candle holders is to add visual interest to your interior design. Thus, if you want to create a riveting focal point in your living room, arrange decorative wall mounted candle holders in a beautiful geometric pattern for an aesthetically pleasing ambiance or combine large wall candle holders with a pair of smaller candle wall light holders to make a striking impression. But make sure the smaller sconces land just around the eye level to avoid glare. You can also pair up sconces with chandeliers to infuse a luxurious allure into your living room decor. Likewise, a fireplace can be highlighted using wall sconces to fill your space with warmth and comfort. Simply frame a mirror above the fireplace with two gold wall candle holders mounted on both sides for a captivating mantel decor.

Light up Staircase and Hallways

Dressing up your home’s front entry with accessories and lighting makes it more welcoming for the guests. You can either style your entry with fresh greenery and flowers or accent the front door by placing decorative wall candle holders at either side of the door to boost the visual appeal. Moreover, wall sconces are an ideal fix for the staircase as the overhead lighting might not be distributed evenly. Installing wall tea light candle holders using the general 6-foot rule ensures that there are no awkward gaps left in between. Ideally, you should keep a 66-72 inches distance from the floor to maintain a comfortable relation with your eye level.

artisanal wall mount candle holder

Add Depth and Visual Interest

Whether you have to set up a specific theme at a dinner party or simply brighten up the decor, wall mounted candle holders will enrich the event adding a perfect finishing touch. Look around for spots where you can use a variety of sconces to add points of interest. Ultra modern wall candle holders can be used to stylishly accent your windows and create an impeccable style with a lucent glow. You can also organize sconces on either side and in the middle of two large picture frames. However, the placement of sconces should be just above the centerline of frames to make them even more appealing.

Use Proper Hardware for Installation

Always opt for heavy and well supported wall candle holders to minimize the risk of fire or injury. Also, ensure that the sconces are mounted using proper hardware to stabilize and secure your wall decoration.

circuit metal candle holder

Make sure that you mount the sconces evenly to avoid drips on the floor. Do not mount them up to a height where lighting and extinguishing them could be a hassle for you.

Geometric Decor For All Décor Styles

Who knew that incorporating different shapes into interior design could be so much fun? With a unique geometry and classy gold finish, gold candle wall sconces make a perfect match with most modern décor styles and themes. Even though you may choose silver candle wall sconces or even black candle wall sconces to match your decor, there’s something so magical about sparkling gold accents that add a dash of extravagance to your lifeless walls while making a bold statement to impress everyone with your elite taste. The chic combo of gold and geometry is one-of-a-kind and that’s what makes it worth incorporating into your home décor.

Shimmery Gold Finish To Spruce Up The Aesthetics

Iron Wall Sconce Candle HolderA unique geometric design indeed adds a dash of sleekness and elegance to your décor but we can’t overlook the fact that even simple designs with an impeccable gold finish make a standout statement. Gold has a gleaming allure but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to cover the entire wall using gold accents. Simply installing a couple of gold candle wall sconces on either side of a painting will do the trick by giving your home a glam facelift.

Balance The Glam Look With Earthy Elements

The key to creating a winning design is by going for more variety of colors, textures, and patterns. So, you just can’t expect silver or gold to do all the talking until and unless there are other accents to create a layered and well-curated design. You can sprinkle gold accents anywhere in your design but you should also bring in some more earthy tones and textures for a balanced look. Moderation is the key! While candle sconces fit perfectly into the frame of an inviting space where one could feel at home, you can add some natural elements to create a sense of warmth for any desired aesthetic. It can be something as simple as a green planter placed on the floor or as whimsical as woodsy accents placed elsewhere for adding visual interest to your space.

Blend Candlelight with Artwork

Although candlelight brings out the beauty of artistic pieces, glowing candles must be used carefully near artwork so they do not become a distraction for the viewer. The soft flickering glow should remain quiet and blend in smoothly with the colors of the art piece to create the desired look on the wall.

As you can see, there is so much you can do with wall candle holders to elevate your decor to the next level. From the porch and front door to entryways, living room, bedroom, and even bathrooms, wall hanging candle holders can be used anywhere to add to gorgeous visual kick to your space!

How to Clean Wall Candle Holders

clean wall scounces candle holders

As the name suggests, wall candle holders are used to mount candles on the wall which imparts a soft flickering glow all around the space. There is no doubt that wall hanging candle holders are a popular choice when it comes to adding a sophisticated layered effect to the lighting design. But with mesmeric and soothing candle light comes the unwanted wax drips and soot that can accumulate in and on candle sconces over time.

Easy Ways To Revamp Wall Candle Holders

cleaning wall candle holder Those tacky wax drips and black soot can turn even the most beautiful wall candle holders into unattractive accessories. Thus, caring for and maintaining sconces is as important as hanging them correctly on the wall.

Cleaning wall mounted candle holders can turn out to be a bit of a hassle not to mention dangerous if you’re not familiar with the process of properly cleaning wall candle holders.

To help you make the clean up process easy and quick, we’ve gathered a few tried and tested methods and tips to effectively restore your decorative wall candle holders to their original form.

Place The Holder Cups In The Freezer

Some candle sconces such as wall votive candle holders feature a frame and small removable cups that can be dismounted without taking down the entire holder. Remove the cups after they have cooled down and place them in the freezer for a couple of hours.

The leftover wax will freeze, shrink, and become solid inside the holder making it easier to remove it with any appropriate tool or utensil. Once all the pieces fall out, take a damp cloth and wipe the candle holder and the frame clean.

Dip In Hot Water

If you’re not too keen on putting candle holder cups in your freezer, try placing them in your sink. Pour hot (but not boiling) water into the holder and fill it up to the brim. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and you’ll see the leftover wax starting to melt and surfacing to the top. Make sure to carefully scoop out the wax and throw it in the dust bin and not just drain it in your sink as it might end up clogging it.

Use A Damp Cloth

In order to clean the frame of the wall candle holder set or sconces that do not have separate cups or holders, use a soft cloth and lukewarm water to gently scrub and remove any dirt, soot, or wax drips. Using a soft cloth ensures that no scratches are left behind. If there are still remains of the black soot, you can also dissolve a mild cleaning liquid in the water to clean your wall sconce candle holder. Be sure that the sconce has had enough time to cool down before touching it to avoid burning yourself.

There are many different methods to revamp your wall candle holders. Choose whichever method suits you and the type of sconce you have to make your wall mounted candle holders good as new!

Where To Buy Wall Candle Holders?

buy wall mount candle holders

They are available online & in physical stores, making it easy to stock up on extra supplies for special occasions.

Online Stores

  • Etsy: Best Candle Holders for an Epic Candle Decoration.
  • Wayfair: Don’t forget to check out their other home decor options!
  • Amazon: Find the perfect piece to match your style!
  • eBay: Discover the best products for your home, at the lowest prices, and with the least amount of effort.
  • eFavormart: If you’re looking for a deal, take a look at the new offers and deals section where you’ll find products with extra money off or special offers.
  • Yankee Candle: Select quality candles at reasonable price.
  • Michaels: Shop around to find a complete selection of products in a wide range of styles and colors.
  • Target: Buying from this site is easy and fun! 
  • eHomemart: All the wall candle holders and accessories you need in every style to fit any occasion.
  • Orrefors: A wide selection of decorative and functional candle holders for your home.

Physical Stores

  • Walmart: Discover the best selling products for every style and price point.
  • iKea: A vast selection of home goods, including candles and holders, to satisfy your every decorating need.
  • Hobby lobby: They bring you a wide variety of styles at discount prices.
  • Dollar tree: You’ll find your favorite style at an affordable price.

Best DIY Wall Candle Holder Ideas

diy candle holders

Hey! Are you tired of the same old candle holders? Bored with the way your walls look? You might enjoy this new section. These DIY wall sconces make everything from a gift to a nightlight fresh and exciting.

DIY Rustic Wall Sconces

Farmhouse DIY wall candle holders

Let your imagination run wild and craft something beautiful! For the perfect rustic touch, adorn your home with Farmhouse DIY wall candle holders.

They’re simple to make, and best of all, they look great in any room and event.

  • Best Rustic Farmhouse wall candle holders
  • DIY Candles

The perfect gift for family or friends

Start with an easy DIY project that works for any season or occasion. Create your own beautiful DIY wall candle holders with things you probably already have around your home.

diy candle holder

Choose the wall candleholders you already own and add a personal touch to these everyday objects by etching simple messages or designs into the glass surface.

Whether you’re looking for easy DIY ideas, or want to create personalized gifts, creatively painting wall candle holders is a great way to make unique candle sconces.

DIY Articles

DIY Social networks


Perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere and providing the most efficient and safe lighting, wall candle holders can easily be mounted on both indoor and outdoor walls. Choose candle sconces that complement your interior design to effortlessly elevate your wall decor and exude a glowing radiance all around.


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Wall Candle Holder?

Candle sconces or wall candle holders are decorative accessories for walls that are made of different materials such as metal, glass, ceramic and others.

What are they used for?

Wall Sconces are used to hold candles in place and protect walls from hot wax, smoke and fire.

Where can Wall Candle Holders be placed?

These candle holders can be used both outside and inside the house or wherever you need to light up candles.

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