10 Best Hanging Glass Wall Candle Holders

Best Hanging Glass Wall Candle Holders

Out of all decoration pieces, items that are made of glass or those that exude glossiness can adorn your interior space with charming allure and classy chicness.

Especially, wall candle holders prove to be a great option in this regard and to be more specific, hanging glass wall candleholders can be a blissful addition that can glorify your abode with extravagance.

Best Hanging Glass Wall Candle Holders for A Chic Interior Design

Hanging Glass Wall Candle Holders

Hanging glass candle holders come in a plethora of varieties and every single one of them look too good and enticing but what works in their favor is the stunning glossy reflections and shimmer they ooze. Let’s look in detail about the 10 best hanging glass wall candle holders that can embellish your home decor and interior aesthetics with flair and finesse.

Moroccan Wall Hanging Glass Tea Light Candle Sconces

The vibrant glasses of various eye-catching hues incorporated in the making of these candle holders will be undoubtedly the cynosure at every occasion making all your guests go wow with their alluring beauty.

Moroccan Wall Hanging Glass Tea Light Candle Sconces
The bright tea light candles flickering within glass columns of these wall candle holders will be a visual spectacle that will be soothing to every soul admiring their awe-inspiring beauty.

Hanging Glass Terrarium Candle Holders

Terrariums can be great visual enhancements inside your abode and also at your backyards and patios. Be it small natural air plants or their faux variants, terrariums help you spread positive vibes within your home and imagine what happens when a candle is included in this setup!
Hanging Glass Terrarium Candle Holders

Small yet lush green plants within and a bright flameless LED candle amidst can be a wondrous sight that will be pleasing to the eyes. If you wish to pull off a décor setup that includes bright dancing candle flame, then you can use small yet chic tea light candles or even small votive candles within the hanging terrarium wall candleholders and replace the plants with mystical potpourri that can beautify your interior aesthetics with its charm and a serene scent.

Glorify your abode with extravagance.

Wall Hanging Glass Jar Candle Holders

Including glass jar candle holders within your abode can glam up your home decor statements with tremendous grandeur. The thick glossy build and stout stature of these candle holders makes them a phenomenal piece of décor that can prove to be a great attractive feature during your parties and celebrations at home.

Hanging Glass Wall Candle Holders set of 2

Another advantage exclusively with glass jar candle sconces is that glass jars are available at every house for storage purposes. When any of those jars become not usable for storage, they can easily be converted to gorgeous hanging candle holders and they can be handmade with the help of jute ropes.

Crystal Cut Glass Lantern Wall Sconces

Stunning with their sheer presence and royal demeanor, these glass lantern candle holders will be an enthralling sight to watch.

Crystal Cut Glass Lantern Wall Sconces

Be it near the entryways or at the walls beside the dining table, these wall hanging candle holders with crystal pieces incorporated in their designs will be an attraction that your guests cannot stop admiring. You can also elevate their looks by many notches when colored candles are placed within them.

Clear Glass Wall Hanging Votive Candle Holders

People who love to bedeck their homes with a chic and classy approach cannot overlook the elegance of clear glass wall sconces. Being small and very handy, just like votive candles and tealights, these candle holders can adorn any part of your house with spectacular grandeur and a crafty appeal.

Clear Glass Wall Hanging Votive Candle Holders

Looking chic and sleek with hooks and chains as part of their design, these décor accents will be wonderful inclusion to your home and events’ space.

Gold Glass Hanging Candle Sconces

The alluring gold hues and the enticing shimmer these gold glass candle holders exude will speak volumes of their mighty décor prowess. By the walls beside the showcases, near the dining tables or even hanging from the walls of your living rooms, these enticing gold holders will make it highly tough for your guests to restrain themselves from admiring these celestial looking décor pieces.

Gold Glass Hanging Candle Sconces

Whether you opt for gold glass wall sconces featuring speckled gold designs or the ones dipped in gold paint, neither of these luminaries fall short in mesmerizing your guests with their presence.

Clear Glass Vase Candle Holders

Inspired by the looks of wall hanging glass terrarium candle holders, these holders are designed for multiple purposes than just hosting alluring candles within. Well, the name “vase” clearly reveals their true purpose and yes, these wall candle holders just look mind blowing when coupled with charming and vibrant flowers alongside candles.

wall hanging candle holders

Their glossy finish coupled with faux or real flowers and scented colored candles can elevate the ambience within your personal space to a whole new level of serenity.

Molded Glass Hanging Lantern Candle Holders

Some glass décor items are innately capable of making everyone admire their beauty solitarily with their alluring shapes. And the hanging lantern candle sconces corroborate this fact perfectly.

Molded Glass Hanging Lantern Candle Holders

Their design making process is unique and hence the raised build and embossed patterns play visual tricks with the onlookers. Make your party décor look enticing tenfold with their presence, and place chic colored and scented candles inside to enrich the ambience of your home.

Blown Glass Wall Hanging Votive Holders

The stunning feature of these sconces is their heavy resemblance with that of clear glass wall hanging votive candle holders but with a touch of uniqueness.

glass wall sconce candle holder

They are even thinner than the clear glass wall hanging candle holders, thanks to their unique designing process which makes them lighter as well. And the advantage of this is that it lets them reflect light rays with more clarity which is why this is the best type of hanging glass candle sconces for pairing with colored votive and tealight candles.

Hanging Ribbed Glass Candle Sconces

Another wall hanging candle holder in the list that can mesmerize and receive undivided attention from everyone purely with its looks is the one that features ribbed glass construction. Their striped glass appeal makes them special and truly blissful to watch.

Hanging Ribbed Glass Candle Sconces

Pairing them with small solid colored candles and hanging or suspending them using jute ropes can embellish your events and occasions with a rustic yet lavish appeal that will leave your guests mightily impressed. Use these to adorn your personal space such as bedrooms or study rooms and relish the stunning and bold illumination and shadows during the late nights before falling asleep.

Where to Buy Glass Candle Holders

Let’s see some of the best stores where you can buy hanging glass candle holders:

  1. Etsy
  2. Amazon
  3. Efavormart
  4. Target
  5. Ebay

Glass Candle Holder Ideas

Hanging Glass Wall CandleHolders

decorative wall candleholders

hanging glass wall candle holders set of 2Single Hanging Hurricane Glass Candle Wall Sconce

Lantern styled wine bottle pendant light


Every single variant of hanging glass wall candle holders is truly remarkable and gorgeous in its own way but its glossy appeal is what makes it a best inclusion to your abode. Be it a modish house with modernist décor statements or a vintage home with rustic elegance, including glossy wall hanging candle sconces can make your home bask in grandeur that will receive widespread accolades from every visitor it hosts.

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