Fall Inspired Wall Candle Holders for an Aesthetic Home Decor

Fall Wall Sconces

Chic themes, modish appeal, artistic designs and if you wish to summarize all these in two words, you can use “contemporary beauty”. Contemporary patterns are a raging trend in this current era of modernist ideologies which heavily influence home decor and wall decor aesthetics.

And a decoration trick that enjoys a global fan base is the season influenced decor among which the fall inspired decor ideas garner rich accolades.

Fall Candle Holders

The reason behind is the popping and vibrant colors that the fall season exudes such as bright yellowish hues, vibrant reddish tones, darkish brown palette and a mix of grey and black colors as well. Now, these are some brilliant shades when it comes to enhancing the interior decor setup of your house and when it happens in the form of wall candle holders, your house walls will ooze charm and grandeur.

set 3 wood candle holders

Now, without any further delay, let’s dig deep to explore some wondrous ideas related to wall candle holders and candle wall sconces that can incorporate a spectacular fall season decor ambience inside your adorable abode!

Ravishing Red Tones and Blissful Yellowish Hues

And so, choosing wall candle holders and candle wall sconces that exude these color shades will help you achieve that desired fall season ambience inside your home. And yes, you got it right. The gold wall candle holders are clearly the first option that will be the cynosure but they can be equally complemented with the brass wall candle holders as well.

brass sconce

Gold wall candle holders

The gold wall candle holders will look great on the walls of your dining hall especially if it hosts a gorgeous brownish table made of teak or pine wood. The brass wall candle holders will look adorable on the walls painted with dark color tones as their contrasting nature will establish the fall season vibe with flair.

set 2 gold sconces

golden candle holder

original circular brass wall candle holder

candle wall sconces gold candles

mirrored gold candle holder

gold home decorators

Red wall candle holders

And coming to the ravishing red tones, the usage of decorative wall sconces candle holders paired with red votive candle holders will work like a charm. The reddish glimmer of the glassy votive candle holders due to the bright burning candles within will be a visual spectacle inside your house as the night steps in.

red sconces set of 2

round wall sconce candle holderred lanternspair red wall candleholders

iron and Glass Wall Sconce

Wall votive candle holders that ooze reddish tones and golden colored amber votive candle holders can be brilliant options when combined with modern wall candleholders and candle wall sconces.

Bedazzling Brownish Shades

Speak of a brownish color palette and the perfect fit is the wooden wall candle holders. The woodsy appeal graced with brown color tones can be a phenomenal addition to the walls inside your house to establish a stunning fall season décor setup.

brown candleholders

Brown wall candle holders

Brown wall candle holders such as the rustic wall candle holders and farmhouse wall candle holders will look scintillating on the walls as part of your home decor, particularly upon walls coated with subtle shades.

2 wood candle holders

natural brown wall candleholders

modern wall candle sconces

Rustic wood wall sconces or a wood wall sconce setup paired with wooden candle holders can be a tremendous inclusion to your home decor lineup and help you to a great extent in your quest to achieve a scintillating fall inspired wall candle holders setup within your abode!

Farmhouse wall candle holders

Houses built with modernist designs will look great while hosting the farmhouse wall candle holders as the contrasting looks will establish the fall season decor with impeccable finesse.

rustic barnwood candle sconces

farmhouse wall sconces

farmhouse wall candle holders

set 2 farmhouse wood candle holders

Trendy and Sublime Shades of Black and Grey

Though they maintain a low profile when compared with the red, yellow and brown color tones, the shades of black and grey give a touch of completion to the season of fall. Similarly, these color tones of black and grey can embellish your fall season decor setup inside your house as well, in the form of wall candle holders.

Black wall candle holders

Black wall candle holders such as the wrought iron wall candle holders ooze a brilliant tone of black color along with ornate designs which will adorn your house walls beyond limits.

Hanging Wall Sconce

Single Hanging Hurricane Glass Candle Wall Sconce

wall sconce

Hurricane Black Metal Wall Sconce Candle Holders

The magnificent antique wall candle holders and candle wall sconces with the greyish shade and vintage appeal can be an extravagant inclusion near the showcases and even on the walls of your living room as these are capable of making your guests go wow during events and occasions with their mesmerizing beauty.

Iron wall candle holders

Especially, wrought iron wall candle holders and candle wall sconces that hold glass structures are even more enticing to watch as they exude phenomenal black color shades along with a glimmering glossy appeal that will look celestial during the evenings and nights.

Farmhouse DIY wall candle holders

black iron wall candle holder

Black Metal CandleStick Wall Sconces

decor features

halloween decoration

Where to Buy Autumn Wall Candle Holders?

Wall candle holders accentuate your house walls with great elegance and finesse but when it comes to fall inspired candle sconces and candle wall sconces, variants such as the gold wall candle holders, rustic wall candle holders, wooden wall candle holders, black wall candle holders and brass wall candle holders are your best bets as they exude those popping colors of the fall season very well.

sconces mood lighting

Let’s check some of the best places to buy them online:

leaves gold wall sconce candle holder


  1. Etsy
  2. Amazon
  3. Efavormart
  4. Wayfair
  5. Ebay
  6. Target
  7. Walmart


pair red sconces

Displaying color tones of the fall season on the walls of your house with wall candle holders is one idea that can establish a fantastic home decor inspired by the season. While using modern wall candle holders to depict your love for the fall season with unique designs can be another trick.

Candle wall sconces made with fallen leaf designs and decorative wall sconces candle holders made in the form of branched trees with twigs which are heavily influenced by the fall season can also be a great addition to your home decor lineup that will spread the vibes of the gorgeous season!

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