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best wall candle holders
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Wall Candle Holders

Decorative wall sconces will improve the look of any room. Mix with different themes to create a style of your own. Everything from classic to contemporary, traditional and modern designs right through to novelty candle holders- we’ve got what you’re looking for! They will add extra elegance to your home or event.

Wall candle holders can be used for some special additions to the atmosphere. They come in a variety of styles including a simple wall holder that will do the job just right. Wall candles holders protect your walls, paint and carpets from hot wax. The uniquely designed candle cups fit directly on any wall candle holder. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to make a bold design statement.

Select your favorite Wall Candle Holder Style

best wall candle holders

What colors do you prefer?

Gorgeous candle wall sconces come in a variety of colors. There is something about a simple black or white candle sconce that has been found to increase levels of relaxation and well-being. In fact, having a variety of wall candle holders can keep your place looking neat and organized without having to buy a bunch of different types of candles. You may even find that having just one particular holder adds a soothing effect that complements the design of the rest of your room.

Black Wall Candle Holders

Black Wall Sconces Candle Holders

A black wall sconce candle holder is one of the most elegant choices to hold a candle and decorate your wall space while entertaining friends and family.

It also makes a great addition to your bedroom, office, or living room where there will be little distraction around you and you can sit back and truly enjoy the beauty of your home.

Black Wall Candle Holders

Affordable Silver Wall Candle Holders

The perfect decor item for your home or office— a silver wall candle holder is a practical and stylish addition to any room in your home.

Silver wall mounted candle holders are a gorgeous addition to any decorating kit.

Best Silver Wall Candle Holders
Silver Wall Candle Holders
Gold Wall Candle Holders

Gold Candle Wall Sconces

Boasting a scintillating and lustrous allure, gold wall mounted candle holders impart an opulent appeal to any and all interior decor styles. They are the perfect accessories for home decor, special events, and party decorations!

Finding the right gold wall candleholder is a matter of careful selection, in addition to making sure that the candle you choose is of high quality and burns evenly.

Gold Wall Candle Holders

Vintage & Modern Wall Sconces for Candles

There are many types of candle holders but they all have one thing in common, they help keep the lighted candle upright. But each piece is created with a purpose in mind. When deciding on what is the best wall-mount candle holder for you, consider factors such as the style you want or how frequently will you use the candle holder. Get wall candle holders in a wide variety of shapes & styles including hexagon, square, handmade wood, hurricane, circle, teardrop and other fascinating designs.

Modern Wall-Mount Candle Holders

Choosing a candle wall sconce is not as easy as you might think. Modern wall candle holders are more than just a decorative piece.

They hold the candles and keep them burning properly, and the stylish designs add a glorious flair to your decor.

Modern Candle Wall Holders
Hanging Votive Candle Holders
Wall Votive Candle Holders

Rustic Candle Wall Sconces

A rustic wall candle holder positioned on a decorative stone wall is an old-fashioned but classy way to enjoy a glowing effect while keeping the rest of your space dark and mysterious.

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  • Best vintage wall sconces
  • Antique French wall sconces

They add a special look to any room in your home. Let’s review the best country wall sconces for candles!

Best Rustic Wall Candle Holders

Cheap Candle Wall Sconces with Mirror

Mirrored wall candle holders are perfect to elevate your beautiful artwork display in your home. The candlelight provides an extra level of decorative lighting and adds a warm glow to any room in your home.

  • Ideas for wall candle holders with mirrors
  • How to clean mirrored candle wall sconces

Having a mirrored wall mounted candle holder or a mirror next to your bed will ensure that you are always looking at your surroundings from a different angle.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders with Mirror
Decorative mirrored wall Candle Holders

Light up your Event!

Looking for the best wall candle holders to light up your space with beautiful accents? You’re in the right place! A candle wall sconce is just what you need to hold the candles in place as they’ll stylishly brighten up your home or event venue. Even a simple wall sconce with candles can look like something from the crystal palace. With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to decide on what will be your favorite. Let’s review some ideas!


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Modern Wall Candle Holders

Iron Wall Candle Holders

An iron wall candle holder is a practical and elegant addition to any event or home decor. The iron candle sconce helps keep the candle flame steady even in the most challenging lighting conditions and can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • How to clean wall candle holders
  • Decorative wrought iron candle wall sconces

Whether you’re attending a tea party, wedding, or just want a nice warm reminder of winter, these wall candle holders will make the perfect addition to your collection.

Best Iron Wall Candle Holders

Wooden Wall Candle Holders

When choosing the best wood candle holders you should consider both the style and quality. The material used to construct these wood candle sconces can affect the way the sconce lights up your room.

  • How to decorate with wooden wall candle holders
  • How to make a rustic wooden candle holder
  • DIY Handmade wood wall mounted candle holders

Keep your home cozy with these amazing wooden candle holders. They makes a great addition to your home decor or office space. A simple candle sconce that brings in an idyllic charm can be quite beautiful. They give off the feeling of a warm fireplace even when they’re not lit.

Best Wood Wall Sconces for Candles
Wooden Wall Candle Holders

Metal Wall Candle Holders

If you have a small space to decorate, or you simply like MINIMALIST STYLE DECOR, metal candle holders are an elegant solution to your needs. A metal candle holder is sturdy like no other type of candle holder.

  • How to decorate with metal candle wall sconces
  • Best brass wall sconces
  • Circuit metal wall candle holders
  • Stainless steel wall candle holders
Best Metal Candle Wall Sconces

Large Wall Candle Holders

Lamps and candles add a radiant glow to any room. They provide work lighting when needed and a decorative lighting effect when desired. Very often, people don’t have a place where they can put a lamp or candle. This is where wall candle holders come in. Large wall candle holders can hold several votives which can then be placed in various areas in your home, office, or dining rooms.

  • Oversized wall sconces for candles
  • Best hurricane candle wall sconces

These holders impart a vintage feel while still being practical for modern living.

Bulk Wall Candle Holders
large wall Candle Holders

How To Decorate with Wall Candle Holders?

Wall sconces are favorite and popular decor accessories to add a visual kick to your space, especially when you have a theme or color scheme going. Our favorite way to use wall sconces is to place a couple of them in a row or flank a gorgeous statement wall art piece with a pair of decorative candle sconces. Here are some interesting ideas for decorating walls with wall candle holders.

Wall Candle Holders Living Room

Decorative Wall Sconces for Living Room

The perfect gift for the person who has everything— a wall candle holder that is beautiful and a riveting piece of wall art. It is perfect for giving as a holiday, housewarming, or anniversary gift. 

  • Home Interior ideas with Wall Candle Holders
  • How to decorate wall candle holders with crystals

You can experiment with candlelight and patterns to create an exciting atmosphere or add visual interest to a specific space.

Best Decorative Wall Candle Holders

DIY Wall Candle Holders

A custom made wall mounted candle holder is a wonderful way to add some classy flair to any room in your home.

  • How to paint wall candle holders
  • DIY wall decor ideas for living room

They are an eye-catching accessory for tha complements all types of themes and decor styles.

DIY Wall Candle Holders
DIY Votive Candles
led Candle Holders

LED Flameless Wall Sconces

These wall candle holders feature LED candles and are a safer alternative to traditional wall candle sconces. The flame of the LED candle can be controlled via an internal circuit or by remote control.

  • Affordable LED votive candles
  • Best electric candle wall sconces

This allows you to have a continuous flame without having to constantly keep the candle in view or risking burning it out.

LED Candle Wall Sconces

Where to Buy Wall Candle Holders

Where is the best place to buy candle wall sconces? It’s a question that can make us feel slightly overwhelmed, even when we really want to choose wisely. After all, there are plenty of options to choose from and they all have their own features. Stop searching! These are the best wall candle holder stores where you can get the best value, functionality and quality with money back guarantee.




Where to Buy Wall Candle Holders

The Best Way to Hold a Wall Sconce

Candle wall sconces look cool and are the ideal choice to decorate your walls with candles. Whether you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to brighten up your home interior or you want to make an artistic statement with your décor, you’ll find all kinds of wall sconces here.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Wall Candle Holder?

They were originally used to hold candles to light up homes in medieval times but now they have evolved into decorative accessories for home decor. They’re made of different materials such as metal, glass, ceramic and others.

What are they used for?

Wall candle holders are used to safely decorate walls with candles while protecting the wall surface from hot wax, smoke and fire.

Where can Wall Candle Holders be placed?

These candle holders can be used both outside and inside the house or wherever you need to light up candles.