4 Simple Ways to Clean Candle Wall Sconces

Cleaning Sconces

Over a period of time, your candle holders can become dirty due to accumulated wax and dust. When dirty, the candle holders lose their shine and look dull. Irrespective of the type of candle holders you own, you can easily restore them to their former glory.

So, it is a good idea to clean your candle holders rather than throw them away when they look ugly due to the soot and wax that collects inside the candle holder.

How to Clean Wall Candle Holders

From wooden candle holders and glass candle holders to pillar candle holders and wall candle holders, the cleaning process is the same. However, you have to be extra cautious when cleaning your wall sconces, else you run the risk of damaging your expensive lighting fixtures.

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Here are some of the ways you can use to clean wall candleholders.

1. Cleaning The Exterior of Wall Candle Holders

Clean the exterior of wall sconces with a dry soft cloth. Avoid using a metal cleaning solution on a wall sconce as these solutions contain abrasives that may harm the finish on these delicate candle holders. If your wall sconce has any wood components, you can use wood polish but avoid applying wood polish to metal holders. Wipe away any residue that is left behind from the polish.

2. Cleaning The Interior: Butter Knife and Warm Water Method

Scoop out wax inside sconces using a butter knife. It may be hard to scoop out wax from narrow edges using a butter knife. So, you have to remove big pieces that pop out easily. It will clean most of the wax from the candle holder. Any left out wax can be cleaned using warm water. Pour warm water inside the holder and let it be there for at least 30 minutes. It will soften the wax that is inside the wall candle holder fully. Use the knife again to pull out soft wax.

3. Blow Dryer Method

In a wall socket, plug a blow dryer with a high heat setting. Place the candlestick on top of three to five layers of paper towels. Turn on the blow dryer and direct it towards the firm wax until it melts, then absorb the melted wax with paper towels. Throw away the paper towels in the dust bin. The process is quite simple and makes your candle holders look totally new.

4. Warm Water Method

You can use the warm water method to clean any type of wall candleholder, namely glass candle holders, wooden candleholders, or metal candle holders. However, you have to be careful not to put boiling water inside glass candle holders as it may break the glass. If there is a competition to rate candle holder cleaning methods, the warm water method will win because no matter what method you use to clean your candle holder, you will require a bit of warm water in the end to clean the spill overs.

Watch Cleaning Videos

Learn how to clean candle sconces with these youtube videos:

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The methods listed above are so simple that you need not any specific training to carry out the processes efficiently. With a little practice and carefulness, you will learn the art very quickly and make your wall candleholders shine like new. However, Irrespective of the method you use to clean your candlestick, it is important you have a sturdy ladder or base to stand on. This will help avoid harm from falling to the floor.

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