Modish Home Wall Décor Ideas with Goop Candles

goop wall candle holders

Wall candle holders play a pivotal role in creating trendy decor signatures within your house. Their sheer presence and mind blowing variants such as the wooden & metallic wall sconce candle holders and many more ooze modish vibes which will make your home interior aesthetics look top notch.

Modish Wall Decor Ideas for Home

goop candles

Contemporary designs used as part of home décor are the current trend and Goop, the American wellness and lifestyle brand headquartered in the city of Santa Monica offers some alluring scented candles, candle holders and other accessories that can enhance your interior design and home décor to a whole new level.

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And so, without any further delay, let’s start exploring some modish home décor ideas with wall candle holders and accessories from Goop.

Tall Solid Brass Candle Holder with Rustic Wooden Wall Candle Holders

The lean shimmering structure of the Tall Solid Brass Candle Holder can be an excellent addition to your home interior design when paired with wooden wall candle holders.

Tall Solid Brass Candle Holder

Mount the rustic candle sconces on your dining room walls and place a couple of brass candle holders on your table to exude a sensational blend of woodsy flair and refined elegance.


Set of 5 Tea Light Holder with Black Metal Wall Sconce Candle Holders

The chic looking Tea Light Holder set that includes 5 small holders form a tremendous collaboration with black metal wall sconce candle holders.

Set of 5 Tea Light Holder

The contrasting allure between the dark metal structure of these candle holders and the shimmering gold hues of tea light holders with bright tealight candle insets will be an irresistible sight for everyone. This enthralling black and gold combo of wall candle holders will surely make a stunning home décor signature.


Set of 3 Stone Candle Holders with Wood Block Sconce Candle Holders

Imparting natural allure as part of your home interior can be a wonderful trick to enhance the ambiance within your house. And using Stone Candle Holders along with wood block sconce candle holders will corroborate that fact with elegance.

Set of 3 Stone Candle Holders

The natural creeks of these candle holders with the rustic finesse of the stones complement each other perfectly and exude an enticing visual spectacle when introduced to some pretty white taper candles.


Pomme Medium Vase Candle Holder with Vintage Metallic Wall Mounted Sconce Candle Holders

The world today has become ultra-modern with many technological advancements and its influence can be felt among your home décor statements as well. But, bringing some vintage appeal into your home décor designs can work like a charm.

Pomme Medium Vase Candle Holder

Pairing the wondrous Pomme Medium Vase Candle Holders with vintage metallic wall sconce candle holders can impress one and all at your events with the contrasting but enticing bonding between the vintage appeal of the wall candle holder and the modish charm of the glossy glass vase.


Brass Candle Holder with Wall Mounted Mirror Candle Holders

Wall candle holders can impress everyone present at any event or party with their sheer presence alone. But when they are combined with contemporary accents, they can elevate the decor tenfold.

Brass Candle Holder

Use Brass Candle Holders as accent pieces for your living room side tables and hang wall mounted mirror candle holder on the wall nearby to create a stunning spectacle. The wondrous luster of the metallic brass candle holder and the gorgeous appeal of mirror wall candle holders will add a visual kick to your otherwise dull and dreary space.


L’Etang Noir Candle with Farmhouse Wall Candle Sconces

Be it a modern style apartment or a palatial villa, wall candle holders with a countryside demeanor can be a brilliant inclusion to your home décor lineup, especially, when they are paired with the aromatic magic of scented candles.

Etang Noir Candle

Couple L’Etang Noir Candles featuring hints of sweet florals and spicy currents with farmhouse wall sconce candle holders to imbue a charming rustic flair into your space. The graceful countryside looks of the farmhouse wall candle holders with the brilliant fragrance of the L’Etang Noir candle will make the ambiance inside your house a pleasant one on all days.


Goop Candles

But wait! Don’t forget to buy some candles and votives (e.g. citronella, luminara, voluspa, hanukkah, advent…).

They are more versatile than ever, with new designs in a variety of materials, and they are perfect for your bedside, desk, or countertop.

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Despite coming in various types and glorious designs, wall candle holders prove to be stunning décor items provided they are mounted the right way. Especially, when they are paired with appropriate décor items that complement and gel well with each other make your house and its interior aesthetics look awe-inspiring!

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