Dazzling Types of Wall Candle Holders for an Epic Effect

dazzling types wall candle holders

Candles are not only a great way to create diverse moods but also an easy and instant way to uplift your interiors. Scented candles not only induce a warm glow but evoke memories by giving your room the real identity.

artisanal wall mount candle holders

The flickering charm adds luminosity and intimacy that simply cannot be enjoyed with electric bulbs. These small bundle of lights elevate your celebrations, educe romance and transform your styles of décor. To secure these luminaries and enhance their beauty, they must be placed in the right holders to treat your hallways, bedrooms or living rooms with a warm and inviting look.

Wall Mounted Candle Holders

For a signature change in your home décor this time, instead of placing candle containers over your table tops, choose to highlight your plain walls with wall candle holders that will add alluring details to your room. With many options and choices, wall candle holders turn your ordinary walls into an extraordinary display in no time.

decorative candle holder

Treat your eyes with these pieces of wall art that will surely add a glistening effect to your walls. Get ready to glam up your walls with these three most mesmeric types of wall candleholder available to create the exotic display of shine and sparkle.

Wonders with Wooden Wall Candle Holders

Wooden candle holders, especially those handcrafted form natural wood are the best option to enhance your whimsical settings as they have the rugged finish and rough texture you’ve been craving for. Give your walls an exquisite focal point and compliment your vintage aesthetics by incorporating wooden wall candle holders over your walls.

Wonders with wooden wall candle holders

Even if you don’t have your candles lit, wooden wall candles holders can simply do wonders by making your walls look subtle and elegant. With a hint of magic and joy, wooden wall candle holders not only take your celebrations to the next level and but also effortlessly set the mood for a romantic date night.

If you love spending long winter days at home hang these wooden wall-mounted candle holders over your walls and give a dose of calmness and peace to your relaxing evenings. Add coziness and class to your office setting with these antique looking candle holders. With variation in sizes and colors, these wall candle holders will validate your décor and bring in a feel of tranquility indoors.

Glimmering Glow with Glass Wall Candle Holders

If you are looking for a stylish solution to home your tea light candles, then nothing will serve the purpose better than shiny glass wall candle holders. A class cover makes a safe decoration when paired with metal. These elegant glass wall candle holders create the perfect intimate ambiance in your bedrooms by aesthetically accenting your walls. They are available with various combinations of iron, metal and plastic which offer durability to your luminaries and style to your empty walls.

glimmer glass wall candle holders

Whether you want to go for fabulous pairs or single statement piece, these crystal clear glass wall candle holders will surely beautify your walls and transform your entire home with a new view. Hang them above your fire place or include them in your gallery wall, these sconces promise to fill your space beautifully and yet without a fuss.

Mystic Magic with Mirrors Wall Candle Holders

Give your home that comfy and striking ambiance with mirror wall candle scones. They give you a feel of more traditional yet stylish way to add some soft lighting to your home by adding regal and elegant touch to your simple walls. The mirrors are beautifully enclosed in wooden or silver frames which reflects the cozy candlelight across the room adding amazing details to your walls.

Types of Wall Candle Holders

Mirror wall candle holders available with gold finish add some extra glamor and intimacy to your settings. Give your ordinary walls the perfect blend of tradition and modern styling by adding mirror wall candleholders which blend seamlessly with other wall decorative pieces.


Choose from variety of designs, beautiful colors and elegant styles to bring exuberance to your plain walls with wall candle holders and give a touch of sophistication and statement of style with class.

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