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efavormart wall candle holders

Are you looking for the best wall candle holders for your home or office? If yes, it’s important to know how to use wall candleholders, which designs to select, and from where to procure unique wall-mounted candle holders at affordable prices.

eFavormart Candle Wall Sconces

efavormart votive candle holderEfavormart is one of the trusted stores that sell décor accessories at affordable prices. Your desire of revamping your house without spending a lot of money will come true if you choose wall sconce candle holders from efavormart.

However, selecting the appropriate wall sconce for your home or any special event may not be that easy as it seems.

Wall Candle Holders on Sale

Add fantastic flair to your interiors and event decor with wall candle holders on sale from efavormart. We have got you covered by listing some of the best wall candleholders here and how you can use them.

Egg Shaped Glass Wall Candle Holder

Egg Shaped Glass Wall Candle Holder

The egg-shaped glass wall candle holder will add a glamorous twist to your home and office environment. Fashioned out of high-quality glass and featuring a classic round design, the candle holder scores high on functionality and looks.

The cute looking candle holder has a timeless appeal that makes it suitable for regular use as well as for special occasions. Use these versatile modern wall candleholders to display your favorite candles for a warm look or use them to display plants for a fresh natural look.


Modish Round Glass Wall Candle Holder Set

Modish Round Glass Wall Candle Holder Set

The pack contains three gorgeous modish round glass wall candle holders designed to produce magnificent vibes that will instantly lift the mood of onlookers. Each candle holder comes with a hook for easy hanging. Mounting them above each other to form a stair case design will instantly boost the soothing ambiance of your room.

These round shaped candle holders made from clear glass have a small base diameter making them lightweight and perfect for hanging on walls. Moreover, these decorative wall candle holders make an ideal house warming gift or party favor.


Geometric Metal Wired Candle Holders With Glass Votive Holder Set

2 pack 6 geometric metal wired candle holder set

The fancy geometric metal wired candle holders with glass votive holders set contain two wired holders and two glass votive holders. Made of strong rose gold copper wire for a modern look, the candle holders can be hanged on any wall using the attached hooks to instantly change the dull look of any interior space.

Alternatively, you can place the metal wall mounted candle holders on event tables or any flat surface to enhance the glam quotient of your tablescape. As you light your favorite votives in these geometric wall candle holders, the setting in your room will come alive and the atmosphere will be filled with romantic flair.


Gold Metal Pentagon Geometric Tealight Candle Holders Set

Gold Metal Pentagon Geometric Tealight Candle Holders Set

The one-of-a-kind gold metal pentagon geometric tealight candle holders make a versatile accessory. You can place these candle holders on tables, floors, or hang them on tree branches, ceilings, and walls using a convenient loop attached to the top of the holder.

Inspired by Nordic design and convenient to use, these gold wall candle holders with the lustrous gold finish lend a distinct shimmering touch to your home or office décor enhancing the elegant appeal of your space. These glistening gems are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and housewarmings.


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If you want to add a spectacular visual boost to any event or interior design, use the decorative wall candle holders listed above or choose any other wall candle holders from efavormart that suits your needs. Decorating your wall space with wall candle holders will help you make a powerful design statement.

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