Black Wall Candle Holders

best black wall candle holders

There is no denying the fact that black wall candle holders and wall sconces play a vital role in enhancing the interior design of any home. They are marked as a reasonable and quite relative addition in any home and elevate its aesthetics up a notch.

Here are some tips that’ll spark your imagination and help you decorate your home with wall candle holders like a pro!

Black Wall Candle Holders

Black Wall Candle Holders

Wall candle holders have been around for centuries, but as the time pass people start using them as a stylish decorative home accessory. Also known as candle sconces, these fancy wall candleholders are quite amazing and have the propensity of creating a magical atmosphere. Since candle holders are used to hold up the candles, so it is very important to take care of them and keep them away from any flammable objects to eliminate the fire hazard.


black leaves

Thankfully, black wall candle holders keep you safe from any such mishaps, as being wall mounted; they not only serve as a source of adding class and elegance to your decor but also make a practical and versatile accessory. These wall candle holders are attractive enough to act as art themselves and are an elegant addition to your decor.

These are just some basic types of black wall candle holders and few tips on how to make them standout. What will work much better is the fact that you can come up with your own bright contemporary ideas of creativity which will turn your house into a castle that dazzles!

Black Metal

Black Metal CandleStick Wall SconcesThe ones with glorious history, the black metal wall candle holders make their style statements with elegance.

They have proved it time and again and will stay the same way despite many other types of wall candle holders making an impact too because of modern day technological and machinery improvements. The metallic wall candle holders come in various sizes and designs from being simple and subtle to being extravagant.


SET 2 WALL SCONCESThe black wall candle holders that are made with glass are of many types such as amber glass holders, mercury glass holders, crackle glass holders and so on.

Even among them, they come with so many designs and styles that make them look as dazzling art pieces.

Black Wood

set 3 wood candle holdersBlack wood candle holders are the perfect addition to any home. They will look great on your wall and you will be proud of them.

Selecting the right products is never an easy activity, but it always pays off in the end if you do it right.


Black wall candle holders comes in a wide variety of designs, styles, and sizes to complement any wall decor. For instance, metal wall candle holders and wrought iron wall candle holders arouse a medieval vibe, glass wall candle holders exhibit a modish and chic appeal, and wooden wall candle holder will create an aura of antiqued beauty. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, these modern wall candle holders instantly add character and a hint of drama into the interior design and help achieve a unified and coherent look.

candle chandelier votive metal tealight gazebo outdoor light glass candle holder


Accent any ceiling or wall with hanging chandeliers. They make an excellent festive décor and can be displayed with pride at any reception or party.

circuit metal wall candle holder

Wall Circuit

Have you been looking for modern and chic metal circuit candle holders to beautify your walls and make your home, office, or store look more elegant and impressive?

Hanging Wall Sconce


Black lantern candle holders are an easy way to lighten up your room or your patio space.

note wall mounted candle holder


Impress your guests with modern and stylish wall candle holders.


mix and match


One of the most popular things to have for a good décor would be black wall sconces for pillar candles.

floral circuit


These wall candle holders can be mounted on your walls in any living room, hallway or bedroom.

tealight candle mirror sconce wall mounted candles holder


One of our favorite ways to light up a room is with a mirrored candle holder!


Artisanal Wall Mount Candle Holders

Some of the likable designs of black wall candle holders include gothic iron patterns, geometric and religious designs including crosses, themed sconces that can be used as part of holiday decor. Display multiple candles in large wall candle holders and let it work as an independent piece of artwork in case your wall doesn’t have other decor items to display.

Accentuate the front door by placing these decorative wall candle holders at either side of the door to boost the visual appeal. You can also pair up these wall candle holders with chandeliers to permeate a deluxe appeal into your living room decor or simply frame a mirror above the fireplace with two gold wall candle holders mounted on both sides for an attractive mantel decor.


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Event Decoration Ideas

candle sconces contemporary

Candles are magical! And there’s no denying the fact that we all adore these pretty accents for their timeless beauty. Not only does the traditional flavor and mystical feel of candles bring drama to your space but also blends perfectly with the décor to match the mood you want to evoke. While it is relatively easier to change your table décor for different occasions, wall décor is something you should definitely try your hands on this season for a dramatic impact.

Make A Feature Wall With Large Candle Sconces

Highlight the wall art in your living room or bring more focus to your accent wall with black wall candle holders creating a sumptuously serene and delightfully elegant look. If you want something other than a painting to spruce up the walls for your hallway or bedroom, consider installing a stunning sconce set that will highlight all the luxe details while elevating the aesthetics up a notch.

circles sconce

The Hallway

There’s nothing quite like black metal wall candle holders to highlight a special entrance. The chicness and modernity of the elegant design in black color speak for themselves and grabs the attention of your guests from the moment they enter the hallway. Think about lining pretty candle sconces along one side of the corridor or alternating them back and forth for a modern twist. Oozing a sumptuous glow all around, wall candle holders are a perfect choice to brighten up all those dull and dreary spaces.

Wrought Iron Black Metal Wall Sconces


Imagine what a little light can do to bring more attention to the deluxe interior décor in your bedroom and try something a little outside the norm like using black wall candle sconces in place of a table lamp to get an ethereal, whimsical look. The enticing charm of flickering candlelight peeping through black wall mounted candle holders will surely add instant drama and interest to your walls.

pair red sconces


Black candle holders are a popular way to display Christmas candles. The black color is striking against the bright white of the tree and holiday decorations. There is no need for additional decor when you have these candle holders. This can help you save money, as many Christmas decorations are expensive. Black wall candle holders are available in several different designs and sizes. Smaller ones can be used to accent larger tree top decorations or to place on the mantel next to a decorated tree.

Gothic Wall Hanging Candle Holders


Black Wall Candle Holders are the essential to any Halloween party or in-home home haunt. Black candles add an eerie and foreboding feel that is perfect for horror films or horror-themed parties. These black wall candlesticks makes it easy to dress up any room to make any room feel like the dark, spooky night of the living dead.

lincoln park home traditional with coastal appeal suzann kletzien design

Living Room

You can install large black wall candle holders just above the bench in your living room for adding instant depth and character to the wall or bring even more attention to the bookshelf or fireplace by having sconces on either side.

Read more about event decor ideas for your living room here: Wall Candle Holders Decor Ideas for your Living Room.

How to Clean Black Candle Sconces

Artisanal Wall Mount Candle Holders

Cleaning black wall candle holders could be an easy task but you need to be very careful while doing this work.



Where to Buy Black Wall Candle Holders

Best Hanging Glass Wall Candle Holders

The best thing about wall sconces is that you can add them everywhere to bring that extra amount of light and charm to the ambiance. Even subtle hints of sparkle infused into your wall décor can do the trick when you want to imbue a serene allure to your space. However, choosing the perfect wall for your favorite wall sconce makes all the difference. So, you need to look for a wall that needs some extra attention and transform it into a feature wall by adding chic wall sconces.


There are several online stores that offer an impressive range of black candle holders to meet all your home or event needs:

  • Walmart: Discover the best selling products for every style and price point.
  • Etsy: Best Candle Holders for an Epic Candle Decoration.
  • Wayfair: Don’t forget to check out their other home decor options!
  • eHomemart: All the wall candle holders and accessories you need in every style to fit any occasion.
  • Target: Buying from this site is easy and fun! 
  • Amazon: Find the perfect piece to match your style!
  • Dollar tree: You’ll find your favorite style at an affordable price.
  • eBay: Discover the best products for your home, at the lowest prices, and with the least amount of effort.
  • eFavormart: If you’re looking for a deal, take a look at the new offers and deals section where you’ll find products with extra money off or special discounts.
  • Hobby lobby: They bring you a wide variety of styles at discount prices.
  • Michaels: Shop around to find a complete selection of products in a wide range of styles and colors.
  • iKea: A vast selection of home goods, including candles and holders, to satisfy your every decorating need.
  • Orrefors: A wide selection of decorative and functional candle holders for your home.
  • Yankee Candle: Select quality candles at reasonable price.


illuminations store

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What are candle holders on the wall called?

They are wall sconce candle holders.

Where should wall candles be placed?

They are a fun piece of wall decor to add to your bedroom, dining room, or living room.

What is a hanging candelabra called?

Chandelier is a branched, decorative lighting fixture that holds a number of bulbs or candles and is suspended from a ceiling.


While there are so many ways to light up your home, sometimes you just want to use a decorative sconce set for art’s sake. So, why not place some pretty tea light candles in delicately designed wall candle holders and show off your aesthetic sense of style to make an impressive décor statement?

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