6 Best Wall Candle Holders on Etsy

etsy wall candle holders

Many e-commerce websites are popping up almost every day on cyberspace but Etsy holds a special place among them. With more than 60 million artistic and crafty products listed on the Etsy website, many beautiful, creative and decorative wall candle holders are featured too.

Etsy Candle Wall Sconces

etsy votive candle holder

Wall sconces and fancy wall candle holders make your abode look chic and charming with their sublime style.

Let’s now see how these modern wall candle holders from Etsy create those impactful décor signatures in and around your house.

Wall Candle Holders on Sale

Accentuate your home interior décor with wall candle holders. Here are some of the top-rated wall-mounted candle holders on sale from Etsy that you can use to accentuate your wall decor.

Rustic Sconce Wall Candle Holder from Goodnameshop

Rustic Sconce Wall Candle Holder Goodnameshop

The minimalistic yet modernistic design feature of this rustic sconce wall candle holder from Goodnameshop proves to be its uniqueness. Handmade wall candle holders are always special because a lot of meticulous workmanship goes into their making.

This candle holder made out of 3mm metal sheets looks chic and can graciously elevate the look of your living room walls and even the balconies.


Personalized Wood Shelf Wall Candle Holder from Littlebrosgiftshop

Personalized Wood Shelf Wall Candle Holder Littlebrosgiftshop

Another handmade inclusion in the list of wall candleholders is the personalized wood shelf wall candle holder from Littlebrosgiftshop. What makes this wooden candle holder extra special is the personalization that one can make while buying it.

And a personalized wall-mounted candle holder is a perfect fit to adorn your private space such as the bedroom walls or even beside the showcases.


Tree Branch Wall Candle Holder from Somethinginthebox

Tree Branch Wall Candle Holder

The aluminum and gold plated make of this creative tree branch wall candle holder from Somethinginthebox will surely impress one and all visiting your house with its metallic allure and creative appeal.

It will be a gorgeous sight to admire and fall in love with when the gold plated wall candle holder shimmers as the candles’ flame reflect on it. Modern wall candleholders with such aura and opulence can adorn any part of your abode with extravagance.


Gothic Victorian Wall Candle Holders from BatterbeeDecor

Gothic Victorian Wall Candle Holders BatterbeeDecor

The curved floral design and vintage look of the Gothic Victorian wall candle holders from BatterbeeDecor exude an ancient charm on the walls of your house. Vintage wall candle holders with such bold greyish hues can perfectly adorn the walls near the windows and doorways.

LED candles and thick stem votive candles equally complement these wall candleholders and make the doorways and windows dazzle with their luminance.


Cast Iron Owl Wall Candle Holder from AlexZvintage

Cast Iron Owl Wall Candle Holder

The cast iron owl wall candle holder from AlexZvintage featuring an antique appeal is great for imparting a retro themed look to your interior. Metallic wall candle holders suit wooden walls and frames perfectly and therefore can accentuate your farm houses and barn houses with their rustic nature.

The woodsy elegance and the metallic rustiness of these wall candle holders will work wonders elevating your interior décor to another level.


Viking Wall Candle Holder from ForgedCommodities

Viking Wall Candle Holder from ForgedCommodities

Decorative wall sconces candle holders make your abodes look extravagant and when they come with historical looks, they happen to be a visual treat. This is proven beyond doubt with the Viking wall candle holder from ForgedCommodities. The rustic forged metallic nails and the woodsy flair of the body combined together in this wall candle holder with the look of the medieval era will take you back in time for sure. A befitting addition to your backyards and patios near the doorways and entry points, vintage wall candle holders like these with tall chunky candles will look awe-inspiring and fetch you many accolades for your artistic décor sense.


Etsy Candles

amazon votives
But wait! Don’t forget to buy some candles and votives (e.g. voluspa, hanukkah, luminara, citronella, advent, mosquito…).

They are more versatile than ever, with new designs in a variety of materials, and they are perfect for your bedside, desk, or countertop.

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No matter how modern and posh your house looks, decorative wall sconces candle holders and even vintage wall candleholders will create striking and astounding décor statements that will only elevate the look of your interior space. Be it a contrasting touch or complementing with elegance, wall-mounted candle holders show their prowess to great perfection!

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