Wall Candle Holders for a Lively Interior Decor

best wall candle holders interior decor

To create a complete and cohesive interior look you not only need statement furniture pieces but also some elegant decoration items for your bare walls. The other important factor while decorating any space is to consider the lighting requirements.

Exquisite Designs

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Candle Sconces

Wall-mounted candle holders serve the purpose best as they beautifully elevate your walls and add attractive ambiance to your evenings. The wall sconce candle holders were mainly used for lighting purposes in pre-historic times but with the invention of electricity, they are now used as decorative accessories for walls.

tealight candle mirror sconce wall mounted candles holders

In the present day, whether your interior is traditional or modern, wall candleholders are available in so many designs that you might get confused. To help you with this we have listed here some of the exquisite designs of decorative wall sconce candleholders.

Farmhouse wall candle holders

farmhouse wall candle holder idea

Bring more of the farm house aesthetic in your interior with farmhouse wall candle holders as they’ll add both charm and warm light to any wall. It’s important to keep things authentic for a traditional farm house style, thus placing a wall candle holder lantern sconce will make the interior look cozy and inviting. Beautifully crafted wall mounted rustic pillar candleholders made of chunky solid wood pieces instantly light up your hallway, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

farmhouse wall candle holder

To create a romantic atmosphere put mason jar wall sconce candle holders on your walls as they are a gorgeous yet affordable choice to achieve your desired effect. Those who want to give a modern look to their farm house style interior can place rustic folding metal wall candle holders for an inclusive touch.

Gothic wall candle holders

gothic wall candle holder

Incorporate the timeless appeal of antique wood wall candleholders to grant luxury to your interior. The gothic wall candle holders are made usually from wrought iron and have their own particular charm. They can be a nice addition to different interior designs.

gothic wall candle holders

Long-lasting and sparkling with gothic elegance, Victorian gothic wall candle holders can add that classic medieval look which is extremely unique and captivating.

Fancy wall candle holders

fancy wall candle holder

Wall sconces are like ornaments for your walls adding sparkle and boosting the appearance of your overall decor. The modern wall candle holders are not just regular candle holders for they are made into charming and beautiful sculptures which surely meet your expectation. Using a geometric metal wall sconce candle holder provides the desired modern touch to the look of your décor.

wall candle holders fancy

An Iron wall mural sconce candle holder is a combination of a wall paint. ing and a wall sconce candleholder that lends an artistic vibe to your interior.

black candle holders living room

Another marvelous design to flood your hallway and living space with the romantic glow of candlelight is the mirror wall candle holders. However, to make a unique and powerful impact, metal wall art candle holders are the best suitable option.

Shabby chic wall candle holders

Shabby chic is a famous style of interior design where furniture and furnishings that have a pleasingly old and slightly worn appearance are used.

Shabby chic wall sconces

Thus, combining the comfort of rustic style with the elegance of redefined beauty, elevate this interior style with shabby chic wall candle holders in pastel colors.

To create a romantic atmosphere put mason jar wall sconce candle holders on your walls…

Shabby chic wall candle holders


You can catch the new trend in interior décor merely by adding wall candle holders that perfectly fit in your design oozing radiance and warmth. Seek the best design and style that uplift the overall impression of your décor.

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