DO NOT DO These with Wall Candle Holders

where wall candle holders should be mounted

Wall candle holders are perhaps among the best home décor products when it comes to making the house look gorgeous and grand. Even during day times when there is no purpose for a candle to burn these wall candle holders double as beautiful décor items that glam up your walls.

What to do with Wall Candle Holders

But with beauty comes a call for safety measures too as being precautious is always a better option and let’s see what are the things not to be done with wall candle holders.

install wall candles

Safe Place is the Right Place

Choosing the perfect place to elevate the houses’ beauty with these marvelous wall candle holders is a worthy move but choosing the safe place for these home décor beauties is an intelligent one to make. And speaking from that perspective, the window sills or region near the windows are definitely not the places where wall candle holders should be mounted.

What to do with Wall Candle Holders

The first thing that strikes everyone’s mind is the wind flowing in might blow out the candles but adding on is the safety factor that takes priority as most windows come with curtains. And curtains are made of fabric that easily catches fire and then the wind blowing in will make it only worse augmenting the fire’s intensity.

Similarly, mounting these candle holders on walls where there are exposed electrical wires or electronic equipments being connected is never a good idea. If candles are to fall off or come in contact with them unfortunately, then it would be a serious danger.

The Wall Material Counts

the Right Place Wall Candle Holders

Next important thing to take note of is the material with which the wall is made. Certain people love decorating their house walls with designer wall papers for chic look. Such walls are never a recommended place for mounting these candle holders. Not necessarily the candle flame has to come in contact with the wall paper, even the heat generated because of the flame causes a serious threat.

Certain parts of houses, people make partitions within a room mostly with boards in order to accommodate space either for people or for storing things. These temporary wall partitions are never good for wall candle holders especially the metallic wall candle holders which are very heavy in nature and can actually fall off even with slightest of the vibrations or jerks.

Height Matters

wall decorations with wall candle sconces

The wall candle holders are so alluring and wonderful in nature that they grasp attention all the time. If your house is a place for kids and pets then where do you mount the wall candle holders really becomes a contributing factor for safety.

height wall candle sconces

Both pets and kids are very playful in nature and are often up to something mischievous throughout the day. Since the wall candle holders look captivating we might not want the kids to end up pulling the candle holders to the ground which they would think playful. It is definitely something not safe for kids, the pets and of course the others present under the roof.

Other Basic Things to be Checked

Small things create big differences and hence it is always intelligent to focus on the little details. The nuts or the screws that are used to tighten the wall candle holders should be checked whether they would hold the candle holders tight enough on the wall or not.

home decor wall candle sconces bedroom

When candles are being placed, it is wise to ensure that the candles are standing steady and upright and if not, adding something to hold their grip on to the holder should be done. Making sure no flammable items are kept near or below the candle holders.


These are small yet significant factors that contribute on a very high level of safety for lives and things at home. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below about what else are not to be done when installing wall candle holders.

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