Valuable Tips To Keep Wall Candle Holders Clean!

how to clean wall candle holders

Although there are countless benefits of decorating with candles and fancy wall candle holders, it has its predicaments. With candles comes the messy wax drips and soot that accumulates on the decorative wall candle holders.

The wax buildup and soot stains inside and around the sconce take away all the charm and beauty of a wall sconce candle holder.

How to Clean Candle Holders

clean candle holders

how to clean candle holders

One way to prevent your beautiful wall candle holders from turning into unattractive and unappealing accessories is to maintain and properly clean them on regular basis. But with the never ending chores, cleaning up the wall candle holders is not a fun addition to the list of things to do for anyone.

What if we tell you it is possible to prevent the buildup and stains in the first place? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Read on and gather some valuable proactive tips and tricks to keep your wall candle holders clean so that you don’t have to spend hours cleaning them after!

1. Opt For Drip-Free Candles

Drip-free candles are a lifesaver when it comes to avoiding those unsightly wax drippings running down the candle or holder. Dripless candles come in all shapes and sizes, thus, they can be used in all types of wall hanging candle holders.

cleaning wall mounted candle holders

In case you can’t find your desired color or design in drip free candles, soak your candle in brine and leave it in the solution for at least 2 hours. Then remove and dry the candle to create a DIY dripless candle for your fancy wall candle holders.

2. Use Tea Light Candles

TeaLight Candles cleaning

Tea light candles feature a small aluminum or plastic cup which keeps the melted wax inside. Along with wall tea light candle holders, most wall votive candle holders can also hold tea light candles.

Clean Wall Candle Holders

Since the tea light candle liquefies in its own cup, there are no wax drippings that helps keep your wall candle holder clean and clear!

3. Avoid Full Candle Burn

Another proactive way to make clean up and your life much easier is to avoid burning down the candle completely. When only an inch of the candle is left in the wall mounted candleholder, snuff it and take it out from the holder to prevent it from sticking at the bottom of the sconce.

how to clean candle holder

This way you don’t have to spend a considerable amount of time scraping and scratching bits and pieces of leftover wax from the sconce.

4. Line The Candle Holder or Cups

To prevent wax from sticking to the bottom of the wall hanging candle holder, rub a thin coat of oil or petroleum jelly on the surface and around the inner walls of the sconce before positioning your candle of choice. You can also pour a few drops of water or sprinkle a little sand at the bottom of the candle sconce before dropping in your candles.

clean wall sconce candle holder

When the wax melts and pools at the surface of the wall sconce candle holder, the greasy substances, water, or sand will keep the wax from sticking making it easier to lift and replace the candle.

5. Keep The Wick Short

how to clean candlestick holders

A longer wick burns the candle unevenly which creates more soot. Thus, to avoid black soot stains on your walls or hurricane wall candle holders, make sure to trim the candle wick.


Follow these tips and you’ll never have to spend your valuable time cleaning after lighting the candles in your wall candle holders. Just spare a few minutes to prepare your candles or wall mounted candle holders accordingly and you’ll be good to go!

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