Best 6 Wall Candle Holders on Pottery Barn

pottery barn wall candle holders

Wall décor and wall candle holders have a long and glorious history when it comes to accentuating home aesthetics. The mind blowing varieties of wall candle holders such as the wall sconce candle holders, wooden wall candleholders and many more have the innate ability to elevate the ambiance inside your house to a whole new level.

Pottery Barn Candle Wall Sconces

pottery barn votive candle holder

Speaking of which, Pottery Barn proves to be a wonderful place to check out some stunning decorative wall sconces candle holders and creative wall candle holders. An American upscale home furnishing store chain and e-commerce company, Pottery Barn was founded in the year 1949.

It is well known for its candle holders and accessories that are manufactured with references taken out of many famous Hollywood movies.

Wall Candle Holders on Sale

Let’s check out some creative and artistic ideas using candle scones that can help you achieve a dazzling home décor.

Artisanal Wall – Mount Candle Holder

Wall candle holders with contemporary designs are a raging trend in this new age world and the Artisanal Wall – Mount Candle Holder is the perfect proof of it. This metallic wall candle holder with a glossy cylindrical glass structure atop the candle holding plate will look stunning on the walls of your house.

Pottery Barn Candle Holders

The dark and rustic appeal of the metallic wall sconce candle holder paired with a chunky white candle will look dazzling receiving widespread accolades from your guests and visitors.


Ridgeby Wall Sconce

Certain wall candle holders garner undivided attention from everyone and the Ridgeby Wall Sconce is made purely to make the onlookers go wow.

ridgeby wall sconce black

The lean and simplistic design of this metallic wall candle holder is sure to leave mighty impressions in everyone’s heart, especially when mounted on dining room walls. Solely made for the purpose of holding taper candles, this dark hued wall candle holder will be a stunning addition to your home décor lineup.


Parker Recycled Glass & Bronze Wall Mount Pillar Candle Holder

The dark and polished appearance of the Parker Recycled Glass & Bronze Wall Mount Pillar Candle Holder can make your home walls look glorious with its flawless finishing. The cylindrical glass structure atop the candle holding plates makes this metallic wall candle holder even more irresistible.

parker recycled glass bronze wall mount pillar candleholder

Install such metallic wall candle holders near showcases or windows combining them with bright flameless LED candles to relish the gorgeousness of your home décor.


Hammered Glass Sconce

Unique wall candle holders such as the Hammered Glass Sconce are one of the best options when it comes to adding an eccentric touch to your interior design. With a metal base and a large glossy cylindrical hurricane glass guarding the candle within, the wall lantern candle holder exudes a mesmerizing allure.

hammered glass sconce

Moreover, it comes with a hook provision that makes this metallic lantern wall candle holder easy to install in your backyards and doorways.


Caleb Handcrafted Metal Lantern

Handmade wall candle holders and handmade wall lantern candle holders are always special as meticulous planning and creative designs go into their making. The Caleb Handcrafted Metal Lantern is one such wall candle holder that looks stunning with its rustic metallic appeal and alluring shape.

caleb lantern collection

Pair this metallic wall lantern candle holder with white chunky pillar candles to elegantly adorn your archways and hallways.


Gitane Wall Mount Candle Holder

The minimalistic metallic design and alluring cylindrical glass structure on the candle holding plate make the Gitane Wall Mount Candle Holder an astounding décor item.

gitane wall sconce black

Metallic wall sconce candle holders with minimalistic designs look striking and alluring adding flair and style to your trendy modern home interior.


Pottery Barn Candles

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They are more versatile than ever, with new designs in a variety of materials, and they are perfect for your bedside, desk, or countertop.

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Wall candle holders have come a long way since medieval times and have now evolved into various forms and sizes. These wall sconce candle holders from pottery barn will prove to be your go to options when it comes to adding a charming and wondrous look to your home aesthetics.

No matter how many years and decades pass by, wall candle holders will always show great prowess in uplifting your interior decor.

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