Wall Candle Holders: An Affordable Way to Upgrade any Space

Wall Candle Holders An Affordable Way To Upgrade Any Space

When tasked to transform the look of any living space, interior designers quickly suggest wall candle holders. Decorative wall sconces candleholders are designers’ first choice as they have the potential to beautify any personal space with their looks and arrangement. These candle holders are an indispensable part of any interior because they do not take too much space, are easy to install, and are easy to afford.

Driven by the huge demand, the industry today produces a variety of wall candle holders like silver wall candle holders, gold wall candle holders, mirror wall candle holders, antique wall candle holders, so on and so forth. The endless variety, though desired by all, often confuses people during purchase. For the uninitiated, here is a brief list of wall candleholders along with their uses. You can take inspiration from the list to choose the right candle holder for your cherished space.

Revive Vintage Fashion with Antique Wall Candle Holders

Also known as vintage candle holders, the antique wall candle holders are ideal decorative accents if you want to infuse an old-world charm into your place. The vintage candle holders are usually carved out of wood, bronze, and wrought iron.

Wall Candle Holder Ambience
Wall Candle Holder Ambience

When you walk into a space filled with antique wall candle holders, you immediately feel transported to an ancient era. These candle holders are available in Georgian, Gothic, Victorian, and Edwardian styles to complement the different classical style architecture.

Farmhouse Wall Candle Holders

The decision to purchase candle holders is not always determined by the shape and size of your room. Sometimes, events take precedence over everything else. For instance, for a wedding ceremony or reception party, candle holders with low lumens will not do.

Wall Candle Holder Jar Style
Wall Candle Holder Jar Style

Choose large glittering candle holders with high lumens for better luminosity on such occasions. Island candle holders, rustic wall candle holders, wall hanging candle holders, are some of the options you can use. For a relaxed look, try Moroccan-style outdoor wall lamps, straw suspensions, and nest-shaped hanging candle holders.

Beautify Your Bedroom with Glass Wall Candle Holders

The timeless glass wall candle holders are part of the contemporary trend. They bring warmth and coziness to your bedroom and make you feel welcome. Adorn your bedroom with a few glass wall candleholders, installing them on either side of your bed frame. Read bedtime stories to children or read a current bestseller under the glow of these elegant candle holders before going to bed.

Single Hanging Hurricane Glass Candle Wall Sconce

Tall cylindrical and hurricane glass holders are in vogue and are used extensively to hold tall candles. Glass is also used extensively to make tealight wall candle holders. The round-shaped transparent wall tealight candle holders can be easily mounted on any wall to create a regal look.

Mirror Wall Candle Holders for a Contemporary Spin

Any talk about wall candleholders is incomplete if mirror wall candle holders do not figure in the discussion. After all, mirror wall candle holders have given a modern twist to the traditional ways of decoration.

tealight candle mirror sconce wall mounted candles holders

A mirror with a candle holder is an innovation par excellence as it serves the dual purpose of decoration and light. Mirror wall candle holders increase a room’s appeal, maximize the room’s lighting, and produce an illusion of space.

Wall Decor

hanging glass wall candle holders set of 2

Black Lamp Metal Brick Wall Oval Glass Window Medieval Candle Holder
Black Lamp Metal Brick Wall Oval Glass Window Medieval Candle Holder
Wall Candle Holder Bed Qoutes
Wall Candle Holder Bed Qoutes


Wall candle holders are a charming way to quickly add a festive look to any wall. As these candleholders make a statement, they receive a favorable response from visitors. So, it is a good idea to grab a few and upgrade your space.

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